Friday, February 1, 2013

# World's Hijab Day .


The other day , i was scrolling my Twitter timeline and i found something interesting . The admin of @StunningHijab was inviting all women , both Muslims and Non-Muslims to wear hijab for a day on the 1st of February !

Since the date is today and i'm a little bit late cause it's already getting night . But I would really love to share something that i gained today .

Long ago and even nowadays , people symbolized the hijab as oppression and divisiveness . It's a visible target that often bears the brunt of a larger debate about Islam in the West . Nazma Khan , the WorldHijabDay founder , figured that the only way to end the discrimination is with asking our fellow sisters to wear and experienced themselves . In the other word , step out and be in our shoes . I wonder how does it feel , cause i can see more positive reaction . Alhamdulillah , just what we are hoping for!

"We hope that you gain a wealth of knowledge and
experience, with a slightly different definition of


Girls , i thought it will be really nice if all of us give our supports to this kind of event . I would like to hear your story about your experiences (hijabi muslims/non-hijabi muslims/non-muslims) wearing the hijabs .Feel free to share with me what hijab means to you

"Setitik air peluh wanita yang kepanasan kerana menutupi auratnya, ia dikira sebagai pahala."

Click here to know more .

Till then , see ya later !
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